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Sunday, May 15, 2016 • POSTED BY:  Administrator

May 15, 2016

To Whom It May Concern: 

This morning we were notified that someone sprayed buildings with graffiti at the south field in Riverside Park. 

 We have always appreciated the passionate support the program has received over the last 25 years from the community, our players, and other enthusiasts.  The program hopes to have your continued support in our mission to offer youth the best experience possible in baseball training and play. 

 Having said that, we ask anyone reading this to properly air their grievances through channels such as news media, letters to editors, radio, blogs, letters/emails to officials, council meetings or through in person conversations. 

 We do not condone actions such as we have seen this weekend. 

 These actions do nothing to further our mission, and do not reflect our values and teachings.

 Generally speaking, actions such as this reflect negatively on our program if people believe someone from within our program had any involvement.   We are confident no one currently involved with the program would take this action, they have no motivation to do so.  I would hope past players/supporters likewise had no involvement, however we realize over 1,000 players have played for the program and we have many more passionate supporters.  We as an organization cannot speak for each of them individually, but are unaware of any one individual who ever exhibited any tendancies of this nature.

 Likewise, we also acknowledge we have detractors, and sincerely hope they would not undertake such actions in an attempt to cast a negative image of our program.


For whatever reason this was done, we hope this will be the last instance.